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Saturday, October 29, 2016

I am going to use native born Chicago girl Raquel Welch to distract the Cleveland Indians...Update: Cubs Survive Game 5

With the Indians' pitching, the Cubs need all the help they can get...

EBL: Cleveland Wins Game Three, Can The Cubs Beat The Curse?

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Not enough to win it, but the Cubs did score a run after this post.

Goodstuff has Raquel

Cubs Survive Game 5 (never underestimate the power of Raquel Welch)


  1. A mammoth photo blog of Raquel Welch and other cool stuff for your browsing entertainment


  2. Sweet! Evi, was thinking what a witch has Megyn Kelly become and have wondered what became of Laurie Dhue, the one Megyn slept her way to the top to replave. Was she not better? Was Megyn Kelly REALLY the better reader and/or better looking? I don't find much on Dhue, but she was HOT! Maybe these news-twinks really are not irreplaceable? I am repulsed by Kelly these days, her notions and delusions that SHE is in the arena and part of the story break every broadcast journalistic policy, to my mind, anyway. Shaving her head to near-Skrillex dimensions finished her off with me. Fox can "poof" her any old day of the week and not a word of protest will you hear from me. Laurie Dhue, the photos I find of her are hazy, maybe her best shots are lost to the ether?

  3. Welsh, Welch, who cares when you look that good?


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