Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hillary's Bus Is The Perfect Symbol For This Election

DRUDGE REPORT: Hillary's Bus Dumps Sh*t In Street

Well this DNC bus pretty much sums up this election. Stinky and foul.  It has been quite the year.  

Well, tonight should be a trip. Call a Hazmat team.  

Instapundit: Hillary's crimes are easily explained, Roger Simon: The Election gets Crazier, The National Enquirer goes Nuclear on Hillary Scandals, the FBI proved Hillary broke the law, and guess you abuses her staff?

AoSHQ: Of course the Obama Administration is not going to do anything!,  yes this is not a game changer (it will still have to be proven true) and Hillary's RBF

Wombat: Twitchy: Angry woman goes into beast mode over cloven foot Hillary statute, American Power Blog: Grim picture of Hillary, and Powerline: Hillary's own security couldn't stand her

Legal Insurrection: Naked Hillary statute causes fight in Manhattan

TOM: Of 'Myths' and Common Sense and O'Keefe Video shows Dem Dirty Deeds


EBL: Wikileaks

RedState: Strieff Has A Metaphor Alert! and Five Takeaways From The Debate

Lem's Place: Hillary Unsteady Temperment

Jazz Shaw: Can Trump even win at this point? You might not want to bet on it unless you are getting very good odds.

Mark Steyn: For Hillary, laws are for little people

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