Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ex Muslim Girl Explains Why She Supports Trump

A very good statement that skewers Leftists and Feminists about Muslim immigration.  

I am not against immigration, but it is critical that people who are allowed to come to the United States (and immigration is a privilege, not a right) want to be Americans and assimilate.  And that means not being hostile to Western values.  Yes, some Muslims want that.  But a lot of them don't.  I guarantee that most of the refugees from Syria and Iraq (I would make exceptions for Christians and Religious Minorities) are not the type of refugees we want.

A US Muslim leader who wants you to vote for Trump

Three Muslims Voting For Trump

Muslims For Trump

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Instapundit: What Angela Merkel did to Germany, Hillary will do to the United States, Hillary says Bernie supporters live in their parent's basements, and Mascots of the Anointed


  1. It's a good share to my Facebook. I have loony-toon Liberal relatives and associates that actually deny the Skittles theory or out and out cannot comprehend it. The tolerance, especially in the young that are going to have to live in the world tomorrow that is being built today is breathtaking. As always, for us that try to fight back a little:

    Enjoy the decline and don't let it get to ya! That is a direct order, Dammit!

  2. She is a CUTE chick, too. I usually never forget! The Clown thing? I'm a little nauseous.


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