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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Cassie Jaye: The Red Pill

Breitbart: The Red Pill Movie: Striking fear in feminists

TOM: Feminists remind you Pat Robinson was right

Rule 5 and FMJRA


  1. Who's the other chick with the dark hair? She looks a little preggars. Nice thesis, Red Pill, but a chick this good looking could do a movie about the making of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, show a little thigh and have most of the men buying Welche's Grape to rub their girlfriends down with. Glad she's not a tatted, pierced, psycho-nut, but seriously, hardly a hero.

    1. The pregnant lady I believe is Michael Cernovich's wife.

      Cassie Jaye is not a hero like a medal of honor recipient (I do not think I used the term hero to describe her, although Milo may have), but Cassie is taking on feminism and showing the men's rights movement in a relatively positive light, so she deserves support and thanks for that. While I have not seen it yet, the Red Pill movie (at least from what I heard) is one that I suspect you would appreciate.

  2. I swallowed the Red Pill before there WAS a Red Pill. That is, no little girls from elementary school onward ever got my lunch money, I had em figured out the first day. Women, even at that age, are about taking from men. I suppose in first grade, we could call them larval-stage pickpockets. I've been watching the men that passed through my life get their pockets picked nearly every time, divorces, girlfriends, you name it. It comes to no good end. Meanwhile, I've had many good women in my life, a wife, a daughter, girls too numerous to remember, but everything came out with no one feeling robbed, most importantly, ME.

    I look at these slobs, young men with their Liberal wives at the rallies where Hillary speaks and I just want to slap the shit out of them. Red Pill concepts? Boil it down to "Quit being a pussy!". That's the distillation of Red Pill. Why it had to involve Pills and Matrixes and PUA and Men's rights I have no idea, especially to the point a beautiful woman is trying to tell men in essence, "Quit Being A Pussy". Isn't that about the size of it? All of it necessitated by the fact that most kids have no father anymore, I guess.

    1. What ever works for you. People of both genders typically do what is in their best interest. There are couples where each partner actually looks out for the other. Because they love each other and recognize their marriage is a partnership. They get more out of it than their collective parts separately. Usually that also involves some kids, although not everyone can have them.

      But I concur with your assessment, being a pussy is no way to be a man. That does not mean every woman out there is a grifter. You do not want to be too paranoid to the point you become cynical (I am speaking in general, not specifically to you), but be wise enough to recognize there are definitely grifters out there. The same goes to women (there are those who repeatedly pick guys who aren't good for them).

      As far as this post, it was more of an excuse for a Rule 5 post this week and ties into what TOM has.


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