Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bob Dylan: Hurricane


  1. Bob Dylan and his horrible, monotonous, overplayed tunes. That he got a Nobel is to show what a Nobel means anymore. Nothing, to me. Sorry, I know it's harsh. but I never liked the hippies. Hippy to me now means Hypocrites. They were FAR worse than the "establishment" they upended when THEY took over and they consumed our country like locusts. Bob Dylan owns a piece of that. Rot faster, Bob Dylan, rot faster. Lennon, he's rotting at the correct rate. I consider John Lennon was stopped before he could do further damage. He wasn't assassinated, he just got shot.

    1. This is a last rapsy rattle of the Babyboomers before they go into that long goodnight and what better voice for that than Dylan?

      Dylan can't sing worth a lick. Still I do like some of this songs. He is a talented song writer, but I would not have given him the prize for literature.


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