Monday, October 3, 2016

Bill Clinton has a son? Does Danney get to fly on the private jet just like Chelsea Clinton?

Separated At Birth?

Bill Clinton has certainly had his daliances. There have been rumors of this for a long time, going back to Primary Colors. Any truth to it?

Daily Mail: Chelsea Clinton takes private jet to environmental conference despite Hillary's 'carbon neutral' pledge (maybe it is Danney's turn to get a trip).  Hillary just plays favorites with Chelsea. 

Instapundit: Danney looks more like Leo than Bill, Austin Bay: Hillary's Disgraceful Three Headed CrimeCan't we just drone this guy?NYT transparent and hypocritical October Surprise, Hillary Clinton proposed drone strikes on Julian Assange, Machado's Shady History

TOM: Barely enough fire under the smoke to light a cigar... and baby hating down under

DRUDGE REPORT: TwitterNo DNA test?

AoSHQ: Long suspected Clinton love child resurfaces

Don Surber: Media buried Clinton Son story for thirty years

Lem's Place: Oh my Papa...


  1. I don't believe it. No way Bill would pay her $200 for sex. $40, tops. Most likely, he would have the State police detail pick her up and get her for free.

  2. Who are you going to believe? A crack whore or the Clintons? Tough call!

  3. From reading the page..."now he helps support his family by doing odd jobs around town". Translation... he sells meth.


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