Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ammon Bundy and Other Protesting Ranchers Found Not Guilty, Bundy's Lawyer Tasered and Detained

Lem's Place: Bundy Aquitted

Sounds like the Feds are a bunch of sore losers:
"Ammon Bundy's lawyer Marcus Mumford was tackled to the ground as he argued in court that the rancher should be let go immediately, with some witnesses saying that marshals used a Taser on the attorney." 
PBS is not too happy either.

Sounds like the Feds over played their hand and the jury was having none of it.  Good for the Defendants. I was not a fan of the Bundy's SJW tactics, but I support many of their positions. The federal government is way too intrusive.  

This is a big deal for the Bundys to win there

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    What do we call these law breakers... An open carry gun gang, extremists, militiamen, patriots or domestic terrorists?

    Let's begin with what to call the Oregon anti-government protesters who have taken over a federal building. The men, heavily armed, urging others to come support their cause, and claiming somehow that, while peaceful, they will "defend" themselves whatever it takes, are -- by any definition -- domestic terrorists.

    It does not matter that they insist they are peaceful or some sort of lawful militia; I can claim I'm handsome and in good shape, that doesn't make it true. This group of men is wielding terror, and the threat of violence, as if it were their constitutional right.

    9 months ago I was tracking this story

    1. I do not support their tactics (and I didn't at the time), but I do support their cause. There is a hell of a lot of resentment in rural America. You ignore these symptoms at your peril.

      The left pulls stunts like this all the time. These guys were vilified by the media because they are from the right. But a jury in Portland, Oregon acquitted them. Wow. That to me is a big deal.


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