Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Republic, if you can keep it: Celebrate Constitution Day

Constitution Day commemorates the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution by the Founding Fathers on September 17, 1787. There is a famous quotation of Benjamin Franklin, following the final day of deliberations at the Constitutional Convention: “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” Franklin's answer was “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Unfortunately the fear that Madison had about factions is becoming more and more the case. If anything truly endangers the Republic, it is that. There is also a sizable effort to de-legitimize the Founding Fathers as racist and elites and to call the Constitution stupid and outdated. That needs to be resisted. When we have a Supreme Court that has basically become a means to circumvent the appeal process of the Constitution, we remain just a few SCOTUS appointments away from true tyranny.

Howard Chandler Christy: Signing of the U.S. Constitution

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Most of these are Fourth of July promotions, but they did ring the Liberty Bell for the Constitution too...

Zoe Dell Lantis, Jack Benny and Betty Grable (1938)

Marian Marsh

Ann Blythe

Vera Marsh

John Wayne with a Liberty Bell replica

Vera Marsh

Piper Laurie

Rule 5 and FMJRA

American Power: Constitution Day


  1. No, no, no, EBL. The Constitution is a living, breathing document for the Liberals to shred in court. When it gets in the way, it is ignored. It was written by old dead, irrelevant White Men 240 years ago this year, matter of fact. It was a framework, but it's all knocked down now. We can celebrate it all we want, but it is gone now. What we have now is a free-for-all, dictated by Liberals, starting with the press that picks and chooses the winners of their own choice. It's over, just enjoy the decline now.

    1. Oh Jeez I don't want to mix metaphors because I hate that "living, breathing document" crap, but I know that the physical state of the Republic is way worse than Hillary Clinton's health last Sunday. Still, I have to note the day.

  2. EBL, as you enjoy the decline, sometime, slide over to Netflix and enjoy the old series, "Dick Van Dyke Daytime Show". 5 seasons, 28 episodes per, America at it's very best. Talented, funny, no perversions displayed and actual writing of good humor. Nuclear families, they have children, they celebrate Christmas, New York City in the age of Christian values and mores. All gone now, but a good trip back. Shit.

    1. Yeah, yeah, Woodsterman! Crazy bastard. When my girl gets up here tonight, my grill will look like his, only not as many! No propane for me either. I look in on him every now and then. The guy is an artist at his craft. You see the hope chests and other treats he builds? Beautiful stuff. I can fix stuff and that has served me well and truly. But I can't create like that, people that design and build beautiful things, rooms, buildings, especially things of wood are genuinely unique, beyond special. I look at how they turn something from nothing and I just ask myself how the hell do they even DO that? That I ask is indicative of low IQ and aptitude. A man has GOT to know his limitations..


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