Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Fix Is In: Crooked Clintons and Comey

This whole saga is a complete crock of...well you know what. Comey had no problem crushing people like Martha Stewart in the past, but apparently Crooked Hillary was too big to fail. So he did not recommend any prosecution, giving the Clintons a clear path to the nomination. Now Bill Clinton is compelled and feels confident enough to crap on Comey.  Just wait till this Crooked Couple get back in power.  

Preet Bharara going to take down the Clintons? Oh. Who is being naive, Kay Roger? You don't think Barack Obama will issue a blanket pardon for Crooked Hillary just before leaving office? The fix is in, it's always been in.

WFB: Big Billy Says It Is Bull...What is BS is how Crooked Hillary walked

Doug Ross: Push back at the FBI?

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  1. I watched Comey's smug responses to Congress. He was all the Chesire cat with a mouth full of $#!%. Prosecutors are going after military personnel for similar crimes, and he absolutely doesn't care. It's only a matter of time now, but it will be some time, sooner if Hillary wins. Americans will not continue to be ruled by this corruption.


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