Monday, August 1, 2016

Marilyn Mosby left Baltimore far worse than she found it (and that is saying a lot)

"Yes, we will continue the same dues structure because we expect Ms. Mosby to continue her inane, malicious prosecution of police officers simply for doing their job," Gene Ryan said. 
The decision is one more example of the continuing impact of the Gray case, and of the animosity that has come to define the relationship between Mosby and the police union since she filed charges against the six officers in May 2015. On Wednesday, Mosby dropped the charges against three of the officers after three others had been acquitted. 
Union officials, who say defending the officers has cost the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars, have railed against Mosby's decision to press charges, calling her prosecution "malicious" and Gray's death a tragic accident for which the officers aren't culpable. They've argued the charges had no basis in law.
Mosby is still posturing (and clearly out of her depth for this position). The results in the Freddie Gray trial were NOT due to bad investigations by the police or mistakes by the Judge, but by incompetent and dishonest prosecutions conducted and oversaw by Marilyn Mosby.  She did not have the evidence to support the crimes she charged those officers with and what evidence she did have (that showed them innocent) she hid and delayed from the defense.  

Could the "systemic issues" be Democrat Party mismanagement of Baltimore for decades? Baltimore has had a bad crime and drug problem long before Marilyn Mosby showed up, but by jumping on the political bandwagon to scapegoat the cops in the Freddie Gray case, even when the evidence showed that Gray's death was almost certainly due to an accident not intentional conduct, she managed to destroy any trust between the police department and the prosecutor's office.  


  1. So, does she follow her pal, Steph, to a diversity hire spot on the DNC, or is she too incompetent even for them?


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