Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton isn't the only one with bad ankles...

I found this to be a very interesting, if a bit disconcerting, article. Sam Anderson does a great job.  I enjoyed the mix of history, art, kitsch, bureaucratic inertia, and potential disaster.  

Here is another story about sculpture that I enjoyed:

Monstrance for a Grey Horse: James Acord, the sculptor, was the subject of a forty-thousand-word Profile by Philip Schuyler, published in The New Yorker in two parts in 1991. You have to be a New Yorker subscriber to get it, but essay describes Acord's inspiration and creation of his sculpture (while not Michelangelo's David, had its own technical challenges, such has carving Barre, Vermont granite).

Acord wanted to create a piece to mark a nuclear waste site that could last 10,000 years.  Hence his choice of the most durable (and some of the hardest) carving stone available. Acord did all the carving with hand tools.

Can't say I am a big fan (as art) of these Trump statues or paintings or these Hillary paintings, or this oneHillary down under street mural or Hillary Bust, but since I referenced Hillary's cankles I have to link them.

Instapundit: What would the media sayVirginia Postrel: Michelangelo's David had the right to bear arms and Arthritic Hands?

T.S. Elliot: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Why the small penis

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