Friday, July 15, 2016

Why the media sucks: Trump's appropriate reaction to Nice, France attack gets some spin

“The postponement today was because he thought what happened in France yesterday was so tragic. He emotionally reacted to it,” Manafort told CNN.

“It really bothered him to see that carnage, and he felt the pain of the people there. He said it’s just not right to do something self-serving and political the morning after.”
That seems perfectly reasonable and appropriate to me. In the wake of a deadly terror attack in France, it seems prudent and respectful to wait a day to do a political announcement about your vice presidential pick.   

So how does the Hill frame the headline: "Aide: Trump 'emotionally reacted' to France attack."  Yes accurate in quotes, but taken out of context. That is a misleading headline given the statement from Manafort, but most of the media are biased.  

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