Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sixty Minutes decides not to air clips about efforts of DNC to undermine Bernie Sanders's candidacy

Sixty Minutes Edits Out Embarrassing Segments

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Do you think there was pressure put on CBS to leave this particular segment out of their regular Sixty Minutes show?  And we wonder why Sanders Supporters are chanting "lock her up" about Hillary Clinton and booing speakers at the Democrat Convention.

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The more damning bias of Sixty Minutes is how it handled the interview of Trump Pence vs. Clinton Kaine.  Compare the two videos and it is striking. Trump and Pence are questioned relentlessly over their respective policy differences, especially on Pence's vote for the Iraq War (which Trump opposed). Fair enough, it's a legitimate point to question. 
But when questioning Clinton and Kaine, there are few questions about their differences. And what tough questions CBS asked, were relegated to the Sixty Minutes 'after hours' website only (and not aired during the regular show). While both Clinton and Kaine were avid free traders, Clinton has backed off that and now denounces the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Kaine supports it. This is something Bernie Sanders and his supporters are passionate about.

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