Monday, July 18, 2016

Ode to Mary Jo

It was just after the 18th of July, another privileged stuffy Vineyard day
I was planning to get on the hammock, nurse a hangover, and lay
And at dinner time I stopped and walked back to the house to eat
And mother directed that I wipe my feet
And then she said, I got some news this morning not far from Oak Bluff ridge
Yesterday, Teddy Kennedy drove off the Chappaquiddick Bridge

And father said to mother, as he passed around the green peas
Well, Teddy Kennedy never had a lick of sense; pass the gin, please
There's five more weeks left on our summer house this season now
And mother said it was shame about Mary Jo, anyhow
Seems like nothing ever comes to no good up near Oak Bluff ridge
And now Teddy Kenedy's drove off the Chappaquiddick Bridge

And brother said he recollected when he, and Teddy, and Mary Jo
Got drunk and went to the Edgartown picture show
And wasn't I talking to him after the party function last Sunday night?
I'll have another piece-a apple pie; you know, it don't seem right
I saw him at the cocktail party yesterday near Oak Bluff ridge
And now ya tell me Teddy Kennedy's drove off the Chappaquiddick Bridge

And mother said to me, child, what's happened to your appetite?
I've been cooking all morning, and you haven't touched a single bite
Those nice young friends of Ted, dropped by today
Said they'd be please to talk to you about last night, by the way
They said they saw a 'boiler room' girl that looked a lot like you not far from Oak Bluff ridge
And she and Teddy was throwing something off the Chappaquiddick Bridge

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