Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Zilla posted this is #NationalFriedChickenDay and suggested alternative coatings, like sweetened breakfast cereals.  I am generally not a big fan of Cap'n Crunch, but be creative and you never know what might work.  I have breaded fish and chicken in things from potato and tortilla chips, to crumbled pretzels and it has worked out well.  

I do not have the recipe Zilla liked, but here are some Cap'n Crunch inspired Fried Chicken Recipes

For simple basics, you can't go wrong with this

Lem a few weeks ago had a recipe how they made fried chicken in the 18th Century.  I liked the idea of marinating the chicken with lemon zest and juice ahead of time--lemon and chicken always seem to go together well.  The deep fried parsley is a nice touch too.  


  1. The picture of Deen is very disturbing

    1. You don't want a big juicy piece of chicken after seeing that?

  2. Thanks for the link! Love the pics & ideas in your post. I've got kids with colds so I opted for the store-fried chicken that was on sale yesterday & we finished it off today.


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