Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Melania Trump at the Republican Convention Update: Trump Staffer Meredith McIver Admits Fault

American Power Blog: Melania Trump accused of plagiarizing Michelle Obama's 2008 speech

Update: CNN: Manafort denies any plagiarism. There are lines that are word for word, which seems more than mere coincidence, but as plagiarism goes it is not that big a deal.

RedState: Plagiarized? We all know these speeches are written for the wives (as well as the candidates) so the blame probably goes to a speech writer and failure to double check it.  It's a bit embarrassing but if true, but staff should be fact checking (they have programs to do this now).

Jonah Goldberg: Mistake by the Lake 

Of course there were things in Melania's speech not in Michelle's:

SooperMexican: Melania busted

Instapundit: Intentional SabotageNo, and I am not sure I would call it a gaffe, Rick Roll Give AwayRoger SimonMelania strikes a blow against feminismHas anyone asked Joe Biden for a comment on this and Of course for Obama words matter, until they don't.

Rudy Unchained: The Lid and Lem's Place

EBL: Melania Trump Rule 5

Rule 5 and FMJRA
Twitchy: Ben Shapiro anticipates plagiarism from Hillary, Who's Fired?Manafort blames Hillary, and Which Democrat and Obama official admitted to plagiarism?

Lem's Place: Michelle and Melania Was it an insider set up by a mole #CrookedHillary or #NeverTrumper or an intentional troll operation?
— Laz Alonso (@lazofficial) July 19, 2016  
Breitbart: Biden: Everybody does it
The Wrap: Forget plagarism: did we get Rick Rolled by Melania?
Snopes: Accusations that Trump plagiarized his congratulatory tweet are false
Legal Insurrection: Bloomberg doing back flips to defend Biden and Obama over past plagarism
Rush Limbaugh: The Melania-Michelle Controversy, This convention scares liberals to death, Playing DefenseMedia hypes Cleveland protests (which did not happen as promised)

TOM: No More Bushs

CNN: Team Trump: No one is getting fired


AoSHQ: Meredith McIver Admits Fault (still doesn't explain the Rick Roll reference)

The Independent: Who is Meredith McIver? (no, she is not Paul Manafort)

NJ Mag: Who is Meredith McIver?

Meredith is on the left

Heavy: 5 Facts about Meredith McIver

Rush Limbaugh: So Melania accidentally took portions of Michelle Obama's speech that Michelle took from Elizabeth Dole

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