Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Media is one of the "new" gods...

Instapundit: Glenn Reynolds is right not to trust Media

I believe a lot of things. I have recently stopped using the names (whenever possible) of perpetrators of mass violence, be them members of ISIS or other secular murderers.  I'm convinced the cause of much of these killings is from evil seduction of notorious fame and dark glamour. If we want less of these mass attacks, we shouldn't grant a form of celebrity immortality to the killers. Remember the victims, but let the monsters destroyed and the individuals who do such evil forgotten. 

Neil Gaiman's American Gods involves the gods of old and new competing with each other.  These gods need attention and worship. It is what they thrive on. Well not all they thrive on: “There were car gods there: a powerful, serious-faced contingent, with blood on their black gloves and on their chrome teeth: recipients of human sacrifice on a scale undreamed-of since the Aztecs.”

As the recent spate of attacks in Europe show, there is a sickness in the world that feeds on blood and dark celebrity.  

Don't be fooled by nostalgiaMedia can be a blood thirsty bitch

Rule 5 and FMJRA

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