Sunday, July 17, 2016

3 Police Officers Dead in Baton Rouge: Suspect killed, 2 others on run Update: Nation of Islam connection?

Update: Daily Caller: Nation of Islam Member To Blame?

Victim of Baton Rouge: Officer Montreal Jackson

Twitchy: Officers Shot
American Power Blog: Massacre of Cops in Baton RougeThe War On Cops: How It Makes Us All Less SafeCop Killing Suspect's Aliasthe Left's Anti Cop Inferno Spreads, and Law and Order at the GOP Convention

Ace of Spades HQ/Oregon Muse: Sunday Morning Book Thread: The Thin Blue Line

TOM: Cop Killing Suspect: Racist and Crazy and The Dangerous Type of Crazy

Wombat: DaTechGuy: Stacy McCain and the Baton Rouge shooter, which one did Twitter ban?

Hogewash: Another acquittal in Baltimore

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