Friday, June 24, 2016

Should we be surprised by #Brexit?


  1. Yes and no.

    Yes because the fix was supposed to be in and wasn't.

    No because the Limeys have at least as much reason to be mad as we.

    PS Is that a young Angie Merkel in her birthday suit?

    1. Yes, although I suspect that Angela Merkel photo is photo-shopped, but it was touted around as Angela in her
      naturforscher days...

    2. I've read there are a lot of coed swim clubs in Deutschland where everybody wears the bathing suit God gave them, so it may not be a fake.

      There are even newsreels of Germany in the 30s where the Hitler Youth camp is on one side of the lake and the BDM camp is on the other and everybody is skinny-dipping, so it may not have the sting it has here.

  2. I'm voting with Elizabeth Hurley. Now, what are we voting for?


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