Saturday, June 11, 2016

More reasons why you should reconsider not using the slur cuckservative...

AoSHQ  from its sidebar June 11, 2016 headlines lays out why using the term cuckservative may make you look like a racist antisemite: 
Please Stop Claiming That "Cuckservative" Is Not a Term Used by Racists and Anti-Semites. Thank You. 
Yup, just an ordinary, friendly word used by all sorts of reputable people 
Here's another Witty use of "cuckservative" by someone who's totally not a racist 
Here's one of the most famous uses -- white man, white wife. But look -- the kids are all black!!!! Because he was cucked by a black feller, you see?!  
Here's a weird one that comes up in the cuckservative search -- I'm totally sure that's a real JFK quote, too!!! 
No racial edge here. None at all. 
This also comes up in the search, meaning the word "cuckservative" appears on the same page. The innocence of the term is palpable.  
This guy defines it for you.
Now I know some people think it is clever, trendy, and fighting back against political correctness. I will concede Milo Yiannopoulos is the leading conservative authority on interracial intercourse (as he admits in his article). Maybe you are an authority on this too. But cuckold (and all the old imagery and symbolism that entails) is just part of the source of the term cuckservative

There are definitely people in conservative politics who deserve to be mocked for their cravenness. In regards to the GOP establishment Return of Kings makes a very strong argument why this is so (I still don't agree on the use of the term, but his observations about the GOPe are spot on). There are excellent points in taking back the narrative here (and reaction from various websites helped ironically to popularize the use of cuckservative).

From the more establishment conservative side is NRO's David French describing Ann Coulter's twitter tactics (While his observations about Coulter's twitter tactics are correct, and French's political aspirations only lasted a couple of days, he sparked a lot of cuckservative catcalls, some which were racist).  

Many terms could mean completely different things, depending on the intent of the speaker and context (cuckservative is that kind of term). Getting the vapors and running away every time some fool cries racism or antisemitism when it is not intended is not a good idea either (aka raaaaacism).  I agree, we need to resist that. I get this is a reaction to identity politics. While I despise the term as counter productive and dumb, Erick Erickson over reacted with this. We need to call out the frauds on the left. There is plenty of hypocrisy to point out. I would suggest being smart about taking it on.  
Not everyone using the term cuckservative is a racist or antisemite (just some of them are).  But beyond your principles of standing up against political correctness, there is a more pragmatic reason to not use that term: Politics involves a lot of marketing.  There is a reason big advertisers try to steer clear of topics that might lose them market share. 

If you are supposedly trying to get your candidate elected in the general election, and want to win enough voters who might very well vote for his competitor, what makes you think throwing that particular term around from now to November will help?

You will never win over certain conservatives, so why bother? The primaries are over--your supporters are with you. The nomination is won. You will get a lot of Republicans who will vote for your candidate because they can't stand the alternative of #CrookedHillary. But the prize that will determine the winner of this election are those voters in the middle who could go either way (or stay home) and peeling off some support from minorities  and other typical Democrats (who are not all that enthused with Ms. Cankles).  Arguing about or mocking sell out conservatives and establishment Republicans with a term that is (partially) adopted by a small minority of racist antisemites is a  counter productive distraction at this point.  


  1. Here's the thing. Hitler was German. Does that mean that you can't speak German. Cuckservative is a term like Tea Bagger. It is used to drive the people who it is applied to crazy.

    In fact it can be a literal description. The term cuckservative definitely applies to people like Niel Stevens who said that the white girl who was attacked by criminals of color deserved what she got. That she asked for it.

    You can't be afraid to call a spade a spade. A cuckservative a cuckservative. It wouldn't be a problem if it didn't draw blood. Sorry. But we need to be just as nasty as the liberals.

    1. Germans still speak German. They did, however, take the first two stanzas off the national anthem (the part where they say Germany, Germany, above all others...).

      You can say whatever you want. I do not care for the term myself, but I get it, cuckservative is a pejorative term like tea bagger. Cuckservatives are selling out white conservatives (am I missing something). But it is way more than white Americans, but Latino and black ones too that are being sold out by Democrats and Establishment Republicans. You are a salesperson now. What do you think would drive Neil Stevens crazier, you calling him a cuckservative now, or seeing Trump gets sworn in as President? I hope most of the #NeverTrumpers stay home. Keep at it and they might go vote for #CrookedHillary. Fortunately for you their numbers are low. The big target remains the folks who are not that into politics, who did not participate in the primaries. Trump has to win just a bit more of them than Hillary and he wins. They don't understand the nuance of cuckservative. They totally get Trump focusing on creating jobs and getting the economy going again and being winners.

      You want Trump to get some of those voters who might vote for #CrookedHillary. So focus on that and ignore #NeverTrump. It made sense to mock them during the primaries, it makes no sense now (obviously when they do something especially stupid or offensive call them out on it).

    2. At least Democrats target their opposition with tea bagger. Cuckservative just targets other conservatives (granted they are not all that conservative). It also plays with the Democrat meme that Republicans are all a bunch of racists. I do not see the point when the fight is with Democrats.

    3. You still don't get it Evi. These so called conservatives are our opponents. Look at how they are echoing the talking points of the Democrats in calling Trump a racist for daring to say that a Mexican Judge might be prejudiced because of his stance on the Wall. That's just common sense not racism. When everything is racist than nothing is racist. We can't allow the faux conservatives like Red State control the language. We need to hit them just as hard as the liberals because they are both sides of the same coin.

    4. I completely get it. You can express a thought without using a quasi racist meme to do it. I prefer patriot to nationalist, but I agree we need more America first. Again, America is an idea, not a race.

      Trump using identity politics sort of flipped what Democrats and liberals do to us all the time. Of course, Trump managed to lose ground doing so against Hillary (I assume he will gain it back). But he will not win going down a road of Pat Buchanan style politics. I hope he is better than that.

  2. Trump is not a conservative. Or primarily a conservative. He is a nationalist. He has some conservative tendencies and some liberal ones. He is in the mold of Pat Buchanan. America First. If he wins he will be building a new Republican party. The so called conservatives at the NRO, Weekly Standard and Red State specialize in drumming out people that are too far right for them. Too "conservative." Well now it is there turn. They are out alone on the island. Lets see how many worthless wars and tax cuts they can generate over there.

    1. I hope Trump is not in the mold of Pat Buchanan, because he will lose if that is the case. I disagree with some of the positions of NRO (there are a lot of good writers there), more so with the WS and RS, but if they drum you out I understand why you would completely discount their opinions. I agree we need less wars (or better fought ones when we do get involved) and more of a focus on controlling out of control growth of government. If Trump is just a Democrat/Keynsian on spending and an American Firster on foreign policy, that makes him half better than Hillary but just the same road to ruin and economic stagnation.

      Trump went to Wharton. He should knows who Milton Friedman and Haydek and Mies are (the later were hated by Nazis for criticizing their form of socialism). If we want to save the middle class we have to save the economy. Not for crony capitalists who by giving millions to certain politicians benefit from due to their connections to government, but in a fundamental way that allows growth up.

  3. As you know people like me and AllenS and Sixty are about as far right as you can be. But we are nationalists first and foremost. America love it or leave it. That is where Trump is. That is where I am. I stand with him. I hope he stays steadfast.

    1. AllenS is a patriot who fought for this country. I know you are a patriot too (and Sixty is also). Trump is all about Trump, first and foremost, but I assume he thinks this is the greatest country on Earth since it is his country. I am all about America first too, in our politicians should do what is in the best long term interest of our citizens. I hope Trump lives up to your trust.

  4. He is not a clone of Pat but he has some of the same issues right. He doesn't want to send our boys to die to assuage the egos of the neocons and to indulge their desires to nation build.

    When is Mitt and the NRO going to come out to blame Trump for wanting to stop Muslim immmigration because that is the reason for the Orlando shootings? Because you know that is what they think.

    1. So say that. Here's the problem with cuckservative, the target of the jibe just use it to claim you are antisemetic and racist. The real voters you want to persuade (those who have not really made up their mind) don't get it. That is why it is good to make arguments with words.

      I get how a tag line like #CrookedHillary is brilliant--becuase she is the target. Right now our fight is with Obama trying to use an ISIS attack as justification for taking American's self defense and Hillary who has a Muslim Brotherhood mole in her office and bedroom. Eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize.


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