Friday, June 10, 2016

Leslie Rasmussen Rule 5

Brock Turner was convicted and in my opinion rightly so (although I admit I did not see all the evidence).  If I were the judge, I probably would have given him a sentence more than 6 months (the recommended sentence guideline for this is 2 years and I probably would have followed the guideline), although he is on the sex registry for life and the penalties he is facing are still significant.

Billary at Yale: Bill was accused of rape back then too
Leslie Rasmussen did not do any the woman hating things Hillary has done to protect sleazy Bill Clinton

I understand criticizing his Dad, given the content of his letter to the Court. But going after his childhood friend Leslie Rasmussen because she wrote a letter of leniency? She helped her friend out. I am sure that letter was coached by Brock Turner's defense attorney. I get people disagree with her, but she does not serve to be hounded for that. If you think the sentence is too light, that beef should be with the judge, not her.

EBL: Rape Culture at Elite Universities, It Has Been A Problem For A While

 Leslie facing backlash (you'd think she was running for President on being pro woman)

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