Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Is it a crime to defend your wife from a rapist in your own home?

These things need to be investigated, but most people would react similarly to a rapist being discovered in their apartment building. Stories told to the police are not always what they initially seem and the police have to do their job to verify facts. That is part of due diligence. If it were my decision, I would not have charged Mr. Diallo until there were facts justifying such a charge. However, if this story turns out to be as Mr. and Mrs. Diallo say (and everything so far suggests it is true), then the charges against Mr. Diallo should be dropped.  

Of course this is New York City in 2016 and common sense might not prevail.  It is a good sign, however, that bail was not imposed.  But if Nash was the monster alleged, how many other women did he manage to rape in the past? This cannot have been the first time. 

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