Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Guess what Texas Teacher Alexandria Vera is wanted by the law for...

For Seducing a 13 year old (what is prompting this stuff)

Instapundit even has a recurring headline/hashtag: Teach Women Not To Rape
(Glenn Reynolds has dozens of similar links)

(Scroll down to Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Meanwhile: TOM asks: Why do college girls lie about rape? and Debating the "rape epidemic"

AoSHQ: I feel a chill in TexasJackie [Coakley] is completely crazy, and ACLU Schadenfreud

Legal Insurrection: If Texas is going this way we are in big trouble...

Instapundit: Different rules in "higher" education


  1. Not NPD. Just garden-variety attention-whoring.

    1. I am not sure what drives this sort of self destructive behavior. It has to be more than garden variety stuff, because why throw her career and reputation away over something like this? It is more pathological. A desire for a boy instead of a man, so the female version of pederasty.

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  3. I've known enough twentysomething women not any more in control of their hormones than a seventeen-year-old guy. She kissed him, she liked it, and things went from there. Bad judgment, yes, absolutely. Double standard, yes, absolutely. I'll admit I'm not looking for my daughter to bring home one of her teachers in three years.

    But if that kid had been me...I'd be digging a tunnel into her jail. Given that this is 2016, I'd set up a Gofundme to rent a backhoe.

    1. While I concur hormones happen, and the damage of an older female teacher with a younger male student might arguably be less than if the genders were reversed, a twenty something teacher should not be sleeping with 13 year old boys. That is more than mere hormones. Just the same that a twenty year old priest should not be diddling an alter boy, or a twenty something male teacher should not be going after a 13 year old girl. A teacher is in a position of trust and this is statutory rape for a reason.

    2. You did crack me up with the backhoe comment!

  4. Use a backhoe to get the hoe back.


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