Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Florida: America's Basement

James Spader opines on Florida...

Lem's Place: Two year old toddler snatched by alligator at Disney Report in Florida

Update: Incident with family chased by gator weeks before?

This alligator above is already dead, but you get the idea...

Grand Floridian Hotel and Beach

You may not watch Peter Pan the same way again after this...

Should all alligators be banned in Florida?  How about just restricting the size of alligators to say...3 feet?  Just wondering?  
AoSHQ: A Lot Of Ducks
Michelle Malkin: Florida Jihadi Playground

I should not joke about this. The family of this boy must be devastated by this. It is a horror. We all retain a primordial fear of being devoured. It still happens.  


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