Monday, May 9, 2016

Who the heck is "Ayran Wisdom" and why is it posting Trump parodies?

Laurence Meade, Self Appointed Dick (S.A.D.)

I posted the Trump 300 parody  (Chip Ahoy over at Lem's posted the video too) and SAD Meade pointed out that it is posted by "Aryan Wisdom." Seems odd since the video is so over the top as to be appealing to people against Trump (although Trump fans will probably like it too).  I am not a Trump supporter (and a big fan of Ben Shapiro, who is also definitely not a Trump supporter) and I thought the video was funny.

Meade of course has to twist things.  Meade has a habit of playing the social justice warrior/troll queen and then goes back later and deletes his posts.

But is raises the question, who is this Aryan Wisdom group?  It was started around 2015. It claims to have done the Trump videos (at least the website claims so).  Okay, sunlight is the best disinfectant.  What is the deal with Aryan Wisdom?  Does anyone know what this is all about?

I am not a Trump fan, but he apparently has some racist supporters. Donald Trump, if he gets elected, will NOT turn out to be Hitler. Trump is likely to turn out like this other Austrian.

Hillary Clinton has her racist support network too.  And even Salon has called Hillary Clinton out on her past comments.  And of course there was that "colored people time" skit.

So if it is guilt by association, go at it.

Wombat: EBL: Trump 300 and Hillary Twerking

Instapundit: Welcome to the summer of hate  Lem's Levity and Chip note it too.

Hate at the dog park!


  1. Looks like I annoyed you enough to at least look into and think about it a bit deeper. Good.

    Not deep enough to stop being defensive about it or to take down your link to a video made by a racist group. Too bad. But that's your free choice. The guilt by association is not Trump's because some white supremacist group is a fan of his, it's the guilt of anyone choosing to associate himself or his blog, uncritically, with a "funny" "parody" made by a hate group.

    But then, after all, you are the Evil Blogger Lady and you're on some kind of mission.

    1. Why don't you go shame Chip Ahoy and Lem about taking down their post of the same thing? I think it makes fun of Trump more than it promotes him and, it is not like Trump did the video. I did not know the video was from an "Aryan Wisdom" group, but now let's address it. It is what it is. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, not politically correct sensorship from chides like you. That you would try to make Troop and me out to be racists for my posting of it says more about you than it does about myself or Troop. Troop was into the Clinton twerking video anyway.

    2. Are you against the video because it is unfair to Donald Trump? Or are you suggesting Trump's a racist so he attracts racists? Or is it simply because Aryan Wisdom is a white supremacist group we should completely shun it (and if you do not, then it is guilt by association)? Or are you just being a self appointed dick, peddling some politically correct crap?

    3. "Troop was into the Clinton twerking video anyway."

      Now you're just lying to yourself.

      But feel free to associate yourself and your blog with whoever you choose to associate with. Your defensiveness indicates some degree of not being comfortable associating yourself with Aryan Wisdom — the white supremacist group you purport not to know the video was from. That degree of discomfort gives me some degree of hope that there is a degree of decency in the real person behind the mask of Evil Blogger Lady.

    4. Meade hasn't responded. He's simply doing his silly game of shaming you for not liking him. This is what children do to get attention. He'll continue to call you poopie head until you accept he is awesome. Who is Aryan Wisdom? A MacGuffin.

    5. Meade, Troop used to associate with your wife. What does that say about you and Ann? But please don't tell me what to think about Troop.

      I do not support or condone racism. I don't care about your approval. BTW, why not go over and chide Chip and Lem about it too. Could it be because you are disingenuous?

      Leland describes you well Meade. We have seen this shtick from you before. No go troll the Peninsula. They miss you.

    6. "I do not support or condone racism."

      A low bar. But kudos.

    7. You are such a passive aggressive little shit weevil. Kudos for being you.

  2. Don't know Evi. Meade seems to be making claims, but considering he considers noting someone made a parody video is equivalent to association; then its difficult to weigh Meade Wisdom. Seems pretty weak sauce to me.

  3. What might help if Ann showed some interest in Meade, so that he would quit walking off the reservation looking for other women to troll.


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