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Friday, May 20, 2016

Trump vs Hillary (I have to admit, I like to watch)

Instapundit: Krauthammer: Preference Cascade (it is already happening and as foreseen)

I am not a Trump supporter, but I do enjoy him sticking it to Hillary and Bill Clinton (at least so far).
And so far the left has not hurt him, partly due to Trump's media savviness, partially due to Democrat Party disorder, and partly due to Hillary being so bad a politician.

Update: Leon Asks: Will Obama throw Hillary under the bus to save his own legacy?

The media is certainly trying to help the Clintons' out. But it is hard to demonize Trump as an extremist, especially given the baggage the Clintons have. Even The New Yorker acknowledges that Trump isn't a fascist (they just consider him a media savvy know-nothing). The Democrats hope it may start looking like this for Trump when the press/media get more involved in going after Trump:  

Lem's Levity: Hillary's Unlikely Ally

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