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Monday, May 2, 2016

There are topics you should NEVER look up on Google Images...

Reddit had a thread on queries that you shouldn't ever make on Google.  In response, Metro had five queries best not made on Google Images  Some of these you may know, for example, the term "degloving" is one that is both accurate but understates what it is really all about.

#Trigglypuff also known as Cora Segal or Cora Miriam (even Reddit explains)

Know Your Meme: #Trigglypuff

Victory Girls: Fighting Evil

Encyclopedia Dramatica: #Trigglypuff

Father & Daughter: What The Hell Happened?

The Liberty Zone: Symptom of a Deadly Disease

Vice: Fat Anarchists Pissed Off At Skinny Liberals

DaTechGuy: Compare and Contrast and Pete's upset he missed the fun

Instapundit: Crowder and Milo respond to social justice warriors at U Mass

Lowder with Crowder: Crowder gets fan male from his recent triggeringYouTube censored, and Epic smackdown

EBL: Are Conservative Women Prettier? and SJW outrage over University of Washington Cheerleaders

While every rule undoubtably has limits, never let a Rule 5 opportunity get by (Maetenloch likes his readers enough not to go there):

#Trigglypuff's big dating profile

All this was predicted by John Waters decades ago!


  1. I'll never understand why folks like this, white, financially able to attend Hampshire College, from comfortable backgrounds and really not a want in the world decide to channel their energies into tearing down Western civilization. I wish that at some point during her next class on underwater basket weaving/intersectional tapioca pudding oppression she might, just might realize what a first world problem she has. I'm all for helping people and my guide is the "quaint" Golden Rule, however if Miss Segal was dodging bullets and drawing water from a dirty well everyday to survive she might realize her priorities are a tad bit askew...Reality tends to bring things into focus...

  2. Why would it need birth control (free or otherwise)?

  3. Need birth control? Mike she IS birth control.


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