Saturday, May 28, 2016

Accused rapist and violent abuser transgender Travis Lee Stroud (also known as Meredith Russo) Rule 5

Did I refer to Travis Lee Stroud, who refers to himself now as Meredith Russo, as a man?  I denounce myself for my hateful ways. It is just cruel and unfair to prevent him from using the ladies room.  To make up for my bigotry, here is a Rule 5 for Meredith Russo:  

In 2015, Travis Lee Stroud/Meredith Russo's wife, Jennifer Lee Russo, sought a protection order against him

It is not the first time he has been accused of something like this:
But his/her feelings are more important than your safety ladies...

Trying to sell some books (no explanation of that wife of hers and her accusations)

AoSHQ: And the GOP gave into Obama over transgendered bathrooms

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Lem's Place: Sufficiently manly to vote for Hillary

Why do I think transgenderism is often a mental disorder? Is Travis Lee Stroud transforming into Rosie O'Donnell? That would explain a lot!
Instapundit: Sufficiently manly to use the ladies' room and fundamentally transformed

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