Saturday, April 30, 2016

Why does John Boehner hate Ted Cruz?


Can we give up than claims that Ted Cruz is in cahoots with the GOP establishment? When we have politicians of both parties consistently going to Washington to do good and doing very well, something is seriously wrong. Personally (while Boehner's delivery was crude and certainly over the top) this was a signal by the GOPe that it is alright to dump Ted Cruz for Donald Trump.  

Still, it is hard to believe John Boehner used to be Speaker of the House...then again Denny Hastert used to be Speaker of the House or as he was known by the GOPe "Coach."  Strange Hastert got indicted and is now off to prison over transferring his own money to hush up a civil claim (something that trial attorneys and insurance companies do every day).  But beyond his past boy diddling, how did Denny Hastert make his millions in the first place?

Instapundit: Hastert's Sordid Past but This was the crime they got him on? And how Hastert and Reid got Rich in Washington.

Wombat: DaTechGuy: Boehner chooses Trump (and Hillary, Obama and Bernie) over Cruz

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  1. Whatever anyone thinks of Cruz vs. Trump, rejoicing over Boehner's remarks is terrible. The guy is as inside the beltway as it gets. He was a disaster as Speaker, kowtowed to Obama, and is generally a nasty jerk. I'd wager that over 90% of those who love him this week were the same ones who danced a jig when he stepped down as Speaker.

    Human nature is a fickle beast. Politics exposes it.


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