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Monday, April 4, 2016

NEGAN 2016

Just in time for Opening Day!
Remember as Andrew Breitbart said: politics really is downstream of culture...

Come on, if you think Trump is too much of a wuss and you can then add in the morals of Hillary Clinton--Negan should be your perfect candidate

In a post apocalyptic world, is Negan's tax plan really that bad? Half your stuff and you get to live?  Sounds like a deal.  It is probably less draconian than Bernie's plan.  
There is enthusiasm for a fresh face by the GOP elites...
Wombat: Michelle Malkin: Cracking Karl Rove's GOPe speak

EBL: Hillary is so sick and Think Winter Is Over? 
Instapundit: Asking the important question: Which character didn't survive the Walking Dead finaleThelma and Louise (the next generation),  It's a coming apart election and Oceania has always disapproved
Hot Air: The Night They Drove Ol' Dixon Down and why do we continue to watch this garbage show!
Variety: Season Six Cliffhanger

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