Sunday, April 10, 2016

Muslims: Why They Hate Us...

But misses something too...

Fareed is mostly correct, it is politics not theology that is at the root of Islamic terrorism.  And it is important to remember that moderate and modern Muslims are overwhelmingly on the receiving end of Islamic terror (and we should be recognizing that and helping them fight against this threat). To battle Islamic terror you need Islamic allies in that battle.  

Pretending Islamic theology is not part of the problem also misses the point (even Fareed has noted it in the past). While human nature (both good and bad) is pretty much universal, cultures are not.  There are fundamental differences between Islam and other faiths that allows it to be highjacked toward terrorism and extremism. 


  1. One of the many problems with the Islamic faith is you can find the calls to violence, racism, and sexism clearly in the Koran. While there are calls for tolerance, there is also calls for dominance. It's those calls that allow those who want to be oppressive to adopt the faith and follow it. You don't find progressives pushing unisex restrooms reciting how Muhammed said "he is without sin" and "turn the other cheek".

    1. Mohammed was kind to cats but you can't trust a guy who doesn't like dogs.

  2. Moslems are expected to shrug and say, "It is the will of Allah", when things go bad, but that only goes so far when you see the rest of the world progressing while you're stagnating.


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