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Friday, April 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton is so sick...

Legal Insurrection: "I am so sick [of Bernie]!"

Hillary's charming persuasive self is getting drowned out during the news cycles.  We have been distracted by things going on on our side.  
As depressing as things are for Republicans, Hillary is going to be interviewed by the FBI Director (although that is not entirely clear). Will anything come of it?  Is there a breakdown in the deal between the Clintons and Obama? Maybe not, but it aint over till it's over.  

AoSHQ: You get one shot at the Queen. Maybe this explains why Hillary is so testy lately, she is getting interviewed by the FBI

Weekly Standard: Hillary blows up at Greenpeace activist

Hillary to Bernie Supporters: Here's a bowlful of mush, now hush!

As entertaining as all this is, we also know how this is going to turn out in the end for Bernie: 

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