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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

He'll Take Manhattan, The Bronx, and Staten Island too...

A decent speech.  Ok, a bit light on policy particulars, but presidential and he is referring to Senator Cruz and Governor Kasich. This was a big night for Trump.  

Any excuse to play Ella singing this great Rodgers and Hart song...

Donald Trump is obviously worried about Cruz wracking up delegates. Donald's of course for voting for delegates, except when it benefits him to get delegates without voting. Still, he should be worried. While Senator Ted cannot get the nomination on the first vote at the convention, it is not guaranteed Trump will clinch on the first vote (although he still has a shot given his victory last night).  If even if that happens and it goes to a contested convention, will Ted Cruz manage to get enough votes on the second or third ballot to take the nomination?  

Cruz is running a tight, disciplined campaign focused on maximizing his delegate count through mastery of the rules governing delegates at the state level. But he’s running a mediocre campaign when it comes to winning over masses of voters.
I am supporting Ted Cruz. But I know a lot of people who are having difficulty warming to him as a candidate. That is not good for a guy who has to not only win the nomination (at a contested convention) but then unify the party against Hillary Clinton. If Trump does similarly well in the Middle Atlantic states as he did last night, how does that play out in California to come?  Especially if Trump does really well in Pennsylvania?

Kasich just remains odd.  Kasich actually won Manhattan (despite my headline above). But he is not working to win delegates so what does Kasich really offer (other than as a potential vice president)?

Instapundit: Funny how things always seem to break Hillary's way...

Wombat: JWF: Trump's "Voterless" Election Myth

EBL: My Rx for last night was spot on and you might need some of that hot sauce for that Bloody Mary this morning! and Whoever wrote this line for Ted should be fired!

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