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Sunday, April 3, 2016

#FeelTheBern? In the end Clinton will expect him to do the right thing...

Cute, but don't get too far ahead of yourself there Bernie...

Bernie will be expected to do the right thing (like Pentangelli) for the party...

Sanders is running for Sanderism (aka Democratic Socialism)

EBL: Bernie's Yearning, Bernie Bets on Brooklyn, Hillary Clinton is so sick, George Stephanopoulos and the Clinton Crime Family Foundation

Instapundit: Memory Loss and a Bernie DeBlasio Hillary sandwich (I don't think I want to order one of those)

Smitty: Workin hard to tech Punky @BrewStudNo1 humor, failing

TOM: Adultism is a thought crime

1 comment:

  1. Clinton or Ryan.

    What a grotesque choice for a once great nation.


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