Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bernie's Yearning Ice Cream? Updated with Hillary flavors...

So wait, they take the chocolate disk on the top of the pint and crush it?  And this represents the 1%?  Aren't Ben and Jerry that 1%?  I am guessing the two of them did pretty well in selling their company.  Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are worth approximately $150 million each. They are a tad bit violent in breaking up that 1%.  Be careful guys, people might start taking you seriously.

Egalitarism sounds great, until it is actually practiced. Then there is no ice cream for anyone...except the top 1%.  

I wish this was an April Fool's Day thing.  Unfortunately it is not. Although Ben and Jerry did give out free ice cream in Union Square the other day in support of Bernie Sanders

Couldn't that layer of chocolate also representing black people?  If Republicans were doing anything remotely like this, you could be damn sure it would be called out. I call raaaaacism on Ben and Jerry. But wait, Hillary Clinton's support by non white voters is collapsing.

I would think a flavor called "Loosing Her $***" might be appropriate (let's see what happens in Wisconsin and New York)


  1. Ben and Jerry are definitely that 1%, but like all rich Lefties, it grieves them they aren't suffering with the 99%.

    1. Yes it grieves them, but only in a theoretical way.

      Matthew 19: 16-22

      So let's eat some ice cream...


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