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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Andrew Jackson, Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Warren and remembering history...

Battle of New Orleans Song Facts (I do like that Johnny Horton song)

Of course this is mostly driven by political correctness and politics*, but so what? I do not hate Democrat Andrew Jackson, but he is hardly my favorite President.

As much as one can admire Andrew Jackson on some things, what he did to the Cherokee and other Southeastern Native Americans was terrible. As a lesson of history, that might be a good discussion to have again with Democrat Senator and Progressive Scold (and possible Hillary Clinton running mate) Elizabeth Warren.  

Is Elizabeth Warren Native American or not? As Mark Steyn so eloquently described: Elizabeth Warren is "the whitest white since Frosty the Snowman fell in a vat of White-Out." 

Senator Warren's family history is even more complicated than she let's on. When she is not pretending to be an oppressed minority at Harvard, it turns out one of her direct relatives helped round up the Cherokee people for the Trail of Tears. That's awkward.

So we are replacing one of the founders of the Democrat party with a Republican black woman who loved guns. I'm good with that, especially since I am also a fan of Alexander Hamilton (and would prefer to see him remain on the $10 bill).  

Lin Manuel Miranda's hip hop Hamilton portrays it's namesake as a hero
(which as Terry Teachout points out is finally starting to piss off progressives)

With promises made about putting a woman on the currency, it is going to happen and barring creating another bill no one will ever use, someone is going to get bumped.  It looks like it will be Jackson.

Terry Teachout  and Don Surber, however, are making an impassioned pitch for Satchamo on the currency! I love Louis Armstrong, both as a human being and an artist, but this whole debate started over putting a woman on the currency (with the 100th Anniversary of women's suffrage).  If only Louis was a Louisa, he might have had a shot.  

Powerline: Tubman $20: How hard it is to please Lefties!

Phillip Klein, resisting removing a President to place a woman on the currency is not racist just because she happens to be black.  Anymore than doing that change because she is a woman is sexist.  I get it is about opening a spot up to women.  Fair enough.  The fact that she happens to be a gun loving Republican woman who is replacing one of the founders of the Democrat Party...well that is just booyah!

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