Saturday, March 5, 2016

Ted Cruz wins Kansas: Did the debate the other night help him do it?

AoSHQ: Ted wins Kansas and is leading in Maine

I thought Donald Trump (with the exception of Chris Christie in the background) was very good post Super Tuesday. He gave a very...classy if you will...statement following his win. He also did a decent job fielding questions from the press.  At the time I thought, he is starting to pivot for the general. 

But that debate the other night in Michigan was a disaster.  I did that post about Trump and Megyn Kelly as a joke beforehand, but it might as well have been a clown pie fest (and not in a good way). The back and forth between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio was exceptionally bad. Trump did not do himself any favors.  It is not just the candidates, the raucous partisan audience does not help either (and that blame goes to the RNC). 

AoSHQ: Cruz surges, Trump flat, Rubio collapses

RedState: A surprise winner in Kansas (by a lot), Kansas confirmed for Ted, and Trump booed in Kansas

Trans-Kansas!  No wonder Caitlyn Jenner is for Cruz!

DaTechGuy: The ignored stat in Ted's favor

Trooper York/Lem's: John Kluge: An Open Letter To The Conservative Movement

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  1. Ted also won Oklahoma. He does well in caucus states where ground game is key.

    1. These are all heavily fundamentalist places, as well.

  2. Hadn't seen too many polls, but I was thinking The Donald might run the table, but it was an even split.

    The next couple of Tuesdays will be interesting.

    Agree on Trump's debate performance. It's tough when the entire world wants to destroy you, but I'm wondering if Trump may have been distracted by his daughter's impending blessed event.

    PS Good post of an article on the Conservative vs One True Ted movements by Troop at Lem's.


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