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Friday, March 25, 2016

Ted Cruz: Why Am I Persecuted?

This is a clip from Ted Cruz's performance in a law school production of The Crucible
If you listen to this more than a minute, you will feel like you are persecuted too
Hey, Ted should look on the bright side, it wasn't The Scarlett Letter

Answer:  If you are catching flak, you are over the target...

I am pretty sure this is a parody!

Okay, I am rather skeptical, to the point to believe this I would have to see the high definition verified real sex tape of Ted Cruz engaged in extra marital activities (at which point I would grab a set of knitting needles like Oedipus and...). I can buy Ted Cruz may have LusTed in his heart, but him being a philandering playah with five affairs? I don't think so.

As Rush Limbaugh noted:
Everybody says, "Wait, wait, wait, wait, Ted Cruz? Five mistresses? Ted Cruz?" People can't imagine Ted Cruz ever taking his clothes off even to go to bed. Am I right? Five?
If even remotely true, you don't think Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham would have let those dogs of war slip some time ago?  Come on now.
Trump Denies, but you know he is lovin it...

Trump says that the story came from Marco Rubio's camp.  That source story may be partially true (of course National Enquirer who is friendly to Trump would want to give him some cover).  There was a lot of mud slinging at Rubio, including saying he was seen at gay foam parties (the evidence is a tad weak).  I know that Trump supporters have been and are attacking Rubio and Cruz relentlessly with what ever they thought would stick (obviously it is now almost all Cruz since he is still in the race and a threat).  Wisconsin is an important contest and coming up quick.

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  1. Libel. I don't understand American libel law. Why was Trump just recently complaining about loose libel law? The Enquirer must feel itself pretty well shielded in this case. Maybe they'll push the story's envelope even further.

    1. With a public figure and a source (however questionable) libel is very difficult to prove. So expect them to push it.

    2. With Hulk Hogan becoming de facto owner of Gawker a few days before the Enquirer went to press, I have a feeling the Enquirer looked good and hard.

      Add to that the libel suit against them by Carol Burnett years ago and they do seem to be a lot more careful about what they print.

      We shall see.

  2. The One True Ted (and some of his supporters) need to get over themselves.

    Clearly, "Rubio operatives" are behind the infidelity charges, much as the Cruz people want it to be Trump, and, let's remember, Breitbart, even though owned by a Trump supporter, was offered the story and refused to go with it.

    But, more to the point, most of this is of the Cruz campaign's making. They have been pulling dirty tricks from IA on and were relentlessly attacking Trump and his supporters from the start.

    Cruz and his people set a tone and now they're getting return fire.

    PS You don't have to be over the target to catch flak. Sometimes your own side shoots you down.


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