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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Obama pals with Castro thugs in Cuba

Michael Totten: The Truth about Che Guevera AoSHQ: Castro urges return of Guantanamo from U.S. and Maetenloch: Jay Nordlinger: The Real Che
Protein Wisdom: You belong to the Government
Instapundit: Obama FailAwful Legacy, Don't know much about history, The horrible feeling when you realize the entire Western world is run by the mayor from Jaws, The photo was worse than you think, It's a Holiday in Havana (don't forget your Cuba Libres), Income inequality, Democracy Speech, Obama's ISIS half measures, Che was racist and homophobic,  While Brussels burns, Obama does the wave in CubaCastro brothers not feeling the Bern, Together at last, but they loved sports

American Strength

AoSHQ: Wave everybody!
GayPatriot: Che gazes proudly, his victory complete
Rush Limbaugh: One giant leap for Marxism and El Presidente
Regular Right Guy: Bill Clinton slams Barack Obama's awful legacy (is something going on)

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