Friday, March 11, 2016

I Kisssed A Girl and I Got Expelled

TOM: What did Jack Montague Do?  and if marriage involves the Enslavement of Women--what about same sex marriage?

I am not sure if Jack Montague deserved to be expelled or not. There are so little facts made available about this. Talk about Ivy League March Madness: the basketball team has the audacity of supporting their expelled captain
Team members had remained resolute.
After Saturday’s victory over Columbia and the team’s demonstration of support for Montague, the Bulldogs’ star player, Justin Sears, said he and members of the team had communicated with Montague via Facebook before the game. Sears said Montague had told them to win the game for him, and the team members told Montague they expected to see him at the site of Yale’s first-round game, to be announced Sunday.
“He’s still our captain,” Sears said. “He’s my brother; he’s all of our brothers. He’s back at home smiling, having a beer right now.”
This whole process sounds Kafka-like. Did Jack Montague do something that warranted being expelled or not? If you are facing serious consequences and accusations at a university it seems a basic part of due process that 1) the police be involved, 2) there is adequate due process appropriate to the seriousness of the charges you ar e facing, and 3) the process has some transparency and openness. If Jack Montague really did do something so bad that warrants being expelled--shouldn't the public know about it? What about other potential victims out there? And if he is innocent of these charges, shouldn't that be something he can resist openly?

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  2. Yes dear, that costume makes your butt look big.


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