Sunday, March 6, 2016

Florida and Ohio Primaries and the Ides of March: Where The Delegates Are...

I am mixing a lot of metaphors here but what the heck...

Ides of March: Florida and Ohio are winner take all

Ed Driscoll: Progressives Today: Warning this can't be unseen (this video is less cringe worthy than the one above)

Ides of March: Where Senator's Dreams Go To Die: Marco is finished if he doesn't get Florida

EBL: Trans-Kansas Ted Cruz and Donald TrumpUsing Star Trek to understand the difference of Mitt Romney and Donald Trump, and how is it going getting those emails from Hillary Clinton?

RedState: Is Marco doing enough to win Florida?

TOM: And don't think popular culture does not matter (how do you think we got Trump)

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Newt says if Trump wins Ohio and Florida, it's over...
Instapundit: Marco wins PR

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  1. OH and FL are crucial for Trump, but also Cruz.

    Even a bad second, let alone third, in those states would undo a lot of the momentum TX gave him.

    PS You have to love this. Louis Farrakhan says he liked the Trump campaign.

    He really is a uniter.


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