Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Failing schools, Evelyn Waugh, and our idiot elites: Just a reminder that Matt Yglesias is a dumbass

Ok, mistaking Evelyn Waugh as a woman's name happened all the time during the writer's life (when he married an Evelyn, they had to go by He-Evelyn and She-Evelyn to their friends). It was a running joke although he occasionally lost his temper about it. Evelyn Waugh had a pretty amazing life

Usually this gender ambiguity with his first name is something you find out in high school or college when most people become aware of the writer. You would think a guy like Matthew Yglesias, who went to supposedly elite schools and is in a profession involving writing would have known this already. But the Juice Box Mafia should never be over estimated!  

Remember Matt Yglesias is supposedly one of the best and brightest!

Instapundit:  Higher Education Bubble Update: Why Evelyn Waugh became a female and Matthew Yglesias likes Bernie's planis cool with Hillary Clinton's skirting of the law, and is a notorious robophobe

TOM: #FreeStacy: A Girls Name

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