Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ed Morrissey asks: Is Wisconsin a Waterloo for Trump... or the GOP?

Is Donald Trump hiding those fingers because 
they are unnaturally short?

With the polls going in Cruz's favor in Wisconsin, the chances of Donald Trump going into the convention with 1237 delegates got a lot narrower. Trump's campaign seems intent on making errors to ensure this turns out to be the case. Yes of course New York and California still favor Trump, but without the 1237, delegates can start bleeding from the Trump Train after it pulls into Cleveland this summer.  

Things are definitely getting interesting.  

American Power Blog: Piers Morgan defends Donald Trump on Michelle Fields. Is this the same Piers Morgan who bragged that child molester Jimmy Saville thought he was brilliant? (then later denied ever meeting Saville).  Or the same Piers Morgan who got punched in the face by Jeremy Clarkson?  Or the Piers Morgan who got owned by Ben Shapiro over gun control?  

Regular Right Guy: Isn't it really about Michelle Fields? (actually, no, its really about an unforced error by Corey Lewandowski and the Trump campaign doubling down on stupid)

Cleveland will be a bit of a cat fight:

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Wombat: American Thinker: Trump and the Death of Reason

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  1. Be careful with Morissey; like Driscoll, he believes his own rap.

    That Marquette poll everybody loves has some serious holes in it.

    70% of the respondents were from Milwaukee and the party split is R 28 D 32 I 36, which sounds more than a little off.

    PPP just released a poll with Cruz at 38 Trump 37 Kasich 18. If there were no Kasich, the numbers are like the Marquette poll, so beware.

    Which is right? The way things are going the last one to get a good head line, wins.


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