Monday, February 22, 2016

Winter Is Trumping

Australian Huw Parkinson is responsible for this mash up. And yes it is funny.
Instapundit: Why Trump is not like Hitler (his daughter is Jewish for one), Time for the Republican establishment to stop worrying and learn to love The Donald, Trump scores big with Latinos in NevadaPolitical Science is an OxymoronWinnowing Theory FlawedRevenge of the PlebsDonald Trump is Jeb Bartlet and A Preference Cascade

Legal Insurrection: Republican Primary Season 2016

Hot Air: Who is staying home if Trump is nominee?

Wombat: Michelle Malkin: Who is Dolores Huerta? and American Thinker: Turning Against Trump

Rush Limbaugh: Trump Schools the Professionals, Jeb ran against the base and lost $100 million, Jeb drops out and Trump's lead expands, can Trump and Cruz mend fences, and liberals know Hillary is vulnerable

Hot Air: Bloomberg's path to the Presidency?

After Nevada: Does Mr. Trump have a cold? Does the GOP?

Beyond National Review, Leon Wolf, Bill James and Rick Wilson are not big fans

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