Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trump's Big Night

I assume Ted Cruz will do well in the South and I suspect Marco Rubio, while hurt, will come back and be competitive.  He managed a decent second place showing in New Hampshire, but Kasich is not going anywhere after this.  Jeb benefited slightly by Christie's attack of Rubio, but after spending millions in New Hampshire and such a pathetic result, does even Jeb still think he has a chance?  The only reason Jeb's advisors are encouraging him on is so they can keep burning is PAC money and getting political ad buy kickbacks. Jeb cannot win.  

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*Obama's neighborhood buddy Bill Ayers would approve!

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Smitty: Fish

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  1. Trump will continue to dominate the field because there is a feeling among many voters that he can do something about the economy and the job situation, while most of the others have never actually done much in the private sector...Kasich worked for Leman Bros. but I don't think that counts. American voters are tired of the ObamaNation and they are tired of empty promises. Trump's willingness to be politically incorrect gets him another twenty percent or so because people are tired of that too. He called Jeb! a pussy. I call Jeb! a momma's boy. His family calls him Jebby. It fits. Cruz will be in it to the end as will Rubio and Jeb! (because he has a lot of family money). But it's still Trump's to lose.


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