Saturday, February 13, 2016

RIP Antonin Scalia and God Save The United States of America

Ted Cruz for SCOTUS? Will Trump do it?  

While we give condolences to his family and prayers for his passing, we cannot avoid the obvious: This whole election just ticked up a several notches in seriousness, didn't it?

I do not care what happens other than Barack Obama does not pick Scalia's successor.  If we lost the general election and Hillary or Bernie end up being president, well so be it.  But I want the GOP Senate majority to hold firm and any senator that deviates from that is dead to me.  

Protein Wisdom: RIP
TOM: Crisis
LI: Fight


  1. We're screwed. Jonah Goldberg made an excellent point. People say the GOP needs to pick a hill to die on. This is it. But they won't. They've given Obama everything he wants. We have Kagan and the wise Latina on the SCOTUS. Expect a bunch of empty rhetoric, followed by an easy confirmation.

    God help us.

    1. Either there is an opposition party to the Democrats or there isn't. While depressing if the later, at least it's clarifying.


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