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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

State of the Union: I picked a bad week to stop drinking...


  1. So as the US and others sign an agreement to provide Iran assistance on Nuclear Power; Iran's leadership chants "Death to America" and the White House says it is just for internal political consumption.

    The US signs the agreement, and gives Iran the ability to control inspections and the White House says, "well what did you expect?"

    Iran fires a missile within 2 miles of one our aircraft carriers in international waters and the White House says "no change in the plan to lift sanctions and return frozen assets".

    Iran captures two US Navy boats in waters near Kuwait and Bahrain, and the White House says "they'll give them back soon", while Iran says soon isn't before we hold them over 48 hours for no particular reason.

    So my question, is Obama capable of admitting he's being played? What would it take? I'm starting to believe the Iranians could fire bomb the White House, and Obama would still stick to the plan of lifting sanctions.

    1. Pissy will never admit he's being played because he's always right.

      Even when he's wrong.

  2. The Gospel According to Steve McCroskey.


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