Tuesday, January 26, 2016

No wonder Donald Trump hates Megyn Kelly...

Instapundit: Chris Matthews should blow the racism whistle on himself, Walter Hudson: Did Trump just jump the shark? Don Surber: Did NR raise the white flag for Donald Trump?

Most electable? I still say Donald Trump has been a plus for the GOP party and field as a whole. He managed to destroy Jeb Bush, which my friends is a great gift to all the candidates (even Marco Rubio). Still, I am beyond predicting anymore when it comes to Trump, I am just sitting back and seeking how this goes...

Smitty: What's at stake?

Mark Steyn: Some Trump supporters mistake Mark Steyn as editor of National Review

Jazz Shaw says this is Trump dropping the mic. In the short term that is probably true, he is dominating the news cycle over this so that is something. Trump may still win Iowa big (this dust up probably won't win or lose it for him). But as a long term strategy to win the nomination and then the general election, this behavior is going to grow thin. He has managed to alienate friendly conservative pundits like Mark Levin and John Hawkins. And I agree with Levin, Trump would be up way more if he tried not to alienate everyone who has a disagreement with him and destroy guys like Cruz and Carson.

Regular Right Guy: The Elephant Not In The Room

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