Thursday, January 28, 2016

Megyn Kelly Pre Debate Rule 5


  1. Let me say for the record that I'd be willing to 'date' Megyn Kelly even though I know that she's married with children. Having moved past that, she has a well-publicized beef with Trump and Fox should have recused her from a moderating job at the debate. They had plenty of other qualified people to put in that slot but played a ratings card.

    Trump opted out and the debate won't be interesting.

    1. I think Trump has the beef with her. But the ratings of Trump and Kelly would have been YUGE. Given how it was set up by Trump, there was no way Fox could back down but that was of course the intent. Trump is fun to watch. Whether it will be fun to watch if he wins the nomination is not exactly clear yet--but we will see.


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