Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kudos to John Singleton for showing some class and common sense...

Variety: Singleton on Oscar Diversity (not worried about it)

What Singleton says above shows a lot of class. Hollywood may be a lot of things, but I do not think they intentionally snub actors and directors for being black. The whole Academy Award selection process is opaque, skewed, and by its nature inherently imperfect. 


  1. There is no doubt in my mind that Hollywood lacks diversity, and that lack of diversity is on display every year at the Oscars. I also think Will Smith deserved his nomination for Best Actor in "The Pursuit of Happyness".

    I haven't seen "Concussion", but then, I haven't seen any of the movies with a nomination for Best Picture, Best Actor/Actress, or Best Supporting Actor/Actress this year. I do own "The Martian", but have yet to set aside time to watch it (and I hope not to be as disappointed as I was "Gravity" and "Interstellar").

    However, I think Jada is asinine in her call for a boycott. I like Will Smith as an actor, and I've seen many of his movies, but he does a good job about half the time. And only the previous mentioned movie was close to Oscar worthy, and he lost that Oscar to Forest Whitaker, no white man he.

    1. I suspect Concussion is good, but I am waiting for Netflix for that. Will Smith movies can be hit or miss. The Martian was excellent and better by far than Gravity or Interstellar.

      I have seen hardly any of the movies nominated and will be probably boycotting the Oscars over non interest...which is of course something Hollywood and all actors really don't want to catch on.

    2. I discovered that in the past 3 decades, the Acadamy's opinion and mine aligned about 10% of the time as to who was a good actor/actress, and what constitutes a good movie. So yeah, I boycott as well because of disinterest.

      I will admit to watching Birdman to see if things have changed. After all, I do like Michael Keaton. But he didn't win for Best Actor, and while I agree with cinematography; the movie premise seemed to be a big middle finger to critics and the audience. It wasn't what I would call a best movie. I enjoyed American Sniper, Edge of Tomorrow, and Unbroken far more than Birdman.


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